Black Coffee

Lucky Duck Roasters [Haslett, MI.]
Coconut Cream
Jamaican Island  

Caramel Dream                  
Chocolate Raspberry                         Mint Chocolate
Swiss Water Decaf

Coffee Cocktails

Bliss | our house cocktail! Based in coconut cream and light like a dream. 

Chubby Checker | sweet & creamy with just enough cinnamon to warm you up.

Smoking Gun | just order it ya filthy animal

Johnny & June | a light peanut butter flavor to make you fall in love (with the columbian coffee)

Minty Lucinda | she's light & minty and from St. Johns... topped with chocolate shavings! 

Black Beard | Cold Brew mixed with San Pellegrino. Depending on how much sleep you haven't had, ask for a Heavy Sea. 

CCR | An iced cocktail based in chocolate raspberry coffee and paired with chocolate, cherry, and happiness. 

Pretty Boy Floyd | Once you go Pretty Boy you don't go back. It's an intoxicating blend of mint, coconut, and honey. 

Baby Face Nelson | Yerba Mate Tea based cocktail! With youthful lavender, raw honey & vanilla. Give him a try!


Teas &     On Tap 

On Tap:
Wooden Gun, cold brew coffee      Mexicali Rose, hibiscus tea
Why Is the Rum Gone, nitro coffee 

Yerba Mate                     Peppermint Chamomile
Pineapple Papaya                           Black Chai
Yuzu Berry
Hangover Detox                                               Red Fennel Chai

Drinking Chocolate
Try adding peanut butter, vanilla, MCT oil, cherry, or espresso! 


Our stone ground chocolate blended perfectly with local espresso. Try Iced or hot.



#1- James Gang | This combo brings the flavor! Maple Sausage with a creamy chive & onion spread.

#2- Beaches of Cayenne | Let your guard down & enjoy sweet Nutella paired with a sassy cayenne spicy finish.

#3- The Elvis | The KING of waffles. Fresh bananas- creamy peanut butter. Get ready to rock!

#4- El Chapo | He brings the heat! A perfect match with fresh jalapeno & sausage. Topped with fresh guacamole.

#5- Grace O'Malley | A lady of the sea. She brings a blend of coconut &  fresh pineapple. Sweet with fresh shredded coconut leaves a refreshing impression.  

#6- The Dougherty | A tip of the hat to this Traverse City pioneer. This waddle carries all natural chocolate chips & Michigan cherries. Topped with Michigan made cherry nut butter! Wowza.

#7- The Simple Guy | A waffle that enjoys the simple things. Make me the way you like or keep me simple- Either way, I don't mind.

#8- "I Got Wasted Last Night" | Waffle, hash browns cooked into batter, sausage, cheddar, bacon (a lot of bacon), house buffalo sauce. Go on, try it... ya drunk bastard! 

#9- S'mores Waffle | Just in time for that fall feeling, welcome the S'mores Waffle... Topped with chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers & of course roasted marshmallow.

Avocado Plates.

Avocado Fries | Yes, we did it... Avocado themed fries, we air fry these bad boys! Topped with House made Creamy Buffalo sauce & freshly chopped jalapenos! Woahhhhhh Baby!!!

Avocado Toast | 5- grain sourdough bread, scratch made avocado spread with a hint of lime. Topped with flax seed, fresh cut grape tomatoes & cilantro.

We Do Take Out!

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