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Black Sail Cold Brew Coffee

The rebirth of our Black Sail Cold Brew, Strong enough to get you through anything!

-6 pack of cans-

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Under a black sail we thrive!

This is our credo, we will thrive in any environment and wave our black sail proudly!

This is why we made Black Sail Blend, strong enough to get you through anything!

Our Black Sail Blend is sourced from Colombia, in the volcanic & mountainous region of Cauca. Carefully selected, our beans come from altitudes of 1200 and 2000 MASL, then blended during the roasting process. The result is an all natural washed coffee blend.

The profile is tartaric red fruits (apple, cherry), flavorful molasses and toasted marshmallow. Our goal is to provide a bold and complex brew! Roasted to bring out the antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties known to this bean. Black sail will entertain the coffee enthusiasts & caffeine seekers alike, strong enough to get you through anything!


Uber Eats

PRESS food truck & our full TCB beverage menu are now available on UBER EATS!!!

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America's Best Cold Brew

TCB @ Coffee Fest 2018!

We are honored and excited to announce TCB's Black Sail Nitro has been accepted into America's Best Cold Brew Competition in Baltimore!

Results are in! Black Sail Nitro made it to the top 8 at Coffee Fest- Baltimore. We are so excited & honored to bring one of the top Nitro Cold Brews in the Nation, to Greater Lansing!

We're a craft coffee bar that loves to push boundaries, make friends, and handle shit. Our coffees are locally roasted & made well to help you enjoy the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a good cup of coffee. 

Our home base is 116 N. Bridge Street, Dewitt, MI. We're always spinning vinyl, watching a documentary (or Bob Ross, because... c'mon, why wouldn't we?), and mixing drinks. We love pets (especially puppies, please bring your puppies). 

We're serious about our coffee and want to make you the best cup possible. Ask any of us about what's going into your coffee, where it's from, and why it's there! We can't wait to have you in the shop and make you a cup of coffee! 

DeWitt: Monday- Friday: 6a-5p | Weekends: 8a-2p

Lansing: Monday- Friday: 7a- 6p | Weekends: 8a- 3p